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Acts of compassion from animals to humans Animals are active heroes in our society. Sadly many give the blind eye to this fact. I would like to share some of these acts. Will be adding more videos with time.  Advertisements

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So finally, what is all this about:-) This is my story of change. What has happened to me, how I changed my life up side down. Not only my eating habits but how I see the world I live in. … Continue reading

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Acts of compassion for animals Acts of Compassion for animals in need, a way of changing this world to become a better place.

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Spreading awareness for animals!!! Newspaper with news, petitions, informations about animals world wide. Do check it out 🙂

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Dont judge a book by it´s cover by Buffy/Gege

Against BSL- Breed Specific Legislation, infos about Lennox click on Show more. Butterfly Flair and Mediaharmonists proudly present: Buffy´s song for Lennox – Stop BSL! BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION-BSL is a form of racism, towards some dog breeds. Just because of … Continue reading

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