So finally, what is all this about:-)

This is my story of change.

What has happened to me, how I changed my life up side down. Not only my eating habits but how I see the world I live in. Has been a strange expirience, far from over. Check out for the second part of this story coming out soon.


About buffybuffers

Animals and natures helper and protector. My biggest wish is to help make this world a better place for all living beings. From the tiniest to the biggest, from the strongest to the weakest. It is important to tresure and to love the planet we live in and all in it. Let us get this rolling:-)
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2 Responses to So finally, what is all this about:-)

  1. How brave of you to share this with the world! I have loved reading your story, there are many similarities between our feelings, especially about cruelty to animals! I look forward to future posts. Thank you 🙂

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