This dog needs a home!!!!


Jersey, is under the strong breeds. She is the sweetest doggie. Lost her home because the family moved away. How sad is that:-( Being a strong breed Jersey is in big danger of being put down. So,  I thought I would share her with you good people. If you could check her out and share her. Maybe she will through our help find a new loving home. I will be updating her situation as soon as I get any news. We are thankful for any help given. 🙂 Thank you love to all:-)


About buffybuffers

Animals and natures helper and protector. My biggest wish is to help make this world a better place for all living beings. From the tiniest to the biggest, from the strongest to the weakest. It is important to tresure and to love the planet we live in and all in it. Let us get this rolling:-)
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One Response to This dog needs a home!!!!

  1. buffybuffers says:

    Jersey still needs a home but found a foster. Now foster does not mean they are safe. So please still we need to help Jersey, thank you!!!

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